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i miss that's moment :'(
Friday, August 12 | 0 comment(s)
 hye all , i miss blog la , haxhaxhax :) , okayh ,imiss you , imiss that's moment , do you miss that ?
  -imiss you hold my hand
  -imisss you alays kiss me when we meet
  -imiss time in cinema
  -imiss your voice
  -imiss you saids iloveyou and imissyou 
  -imiss our first date
  -imiss in libray
  -imiss our first meet
  -i laways see your picture when i miss you 
  -you always make me happy and sad

i really-2 miss that , how about you ? eerrmmm , i think you had forgotten me , right ? eehhmm :( i don't know why i always think you , why hah ? huh !